Why even use a voice in the first place?

Although pictures can tell you quite a bit, having sound on your palette activates different parts of your imagination, allowing  you to create an image more intense than any Van Gogh.

  • Voice evokes emotion
  • Voice generates interest
  • Voice can make it serious or amusing
  • Voice works when you're busy doing something else
  • Voice  literally speaks volumes about  you, your company and your brand
  • Voice can transform dull into  delightful
  • Voice makes things easier to understand
  • Voice makes your message more relatable

Why you need a Very British Voice.

A Very British Voice is internationally trusted (despite our questionable  history!) 

If you're not sure what being Very British means, then check out the Quiz. Otherwise, please take a look around the site and listen to whichever Reel is appropriate to your project.

If you like what you hear, then contact me  and we can chat through your project.

Being Very British means having a sense of humour.

We British pride ourselves on our sense of humour. And we're able to bring that light touch to your message.

Although we can be perceived as stuffy or boring, or even evil and scary, we always sound intelligent - even when we're being very silly

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